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Volunteers and Mentors

Our team is always looking for mentors and volunteers to help guide our students. Mentors can be alumni or adults who have a career related to Robotics (metal work, engineering, electrician, etc)

CAD- Teach students on the team how to CAD

Prototyping- Assist with the design of the robot and teach the students how to create basic prototypes

Electrical- Show students how to wire, organize, an electrical board, and update and check the robot 

Programming- Work with the students to program the robot for competition

Graphic Design- Create banners, logos, team handouts, and T-shirts for competitions

Engineering Design- Work with the team to pick a strategy, design a robot, and manage a robot creation

Mechanical- Help the students build a robot for a competition in March.

Website/Social Media- Work with students to create and manage websites and social media sites.  

Project Management- Work with students to set time and performance goals to meat deadlines, etc. 

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